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LGV, employment, agriculture, education: the General Council of the Landes on all fronts

May 17, 2023 – 03:19 am

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The session last Friday was the opportunity for a broad overview of issues.

The councilors gathered Friday morning in plenary, during the vote on Amendment No. 1 to the decision in 2013 original budget.

  • LGV: "To the Minister to appreciate"

As Community Council earlier last week, the question of TGV Bordeaux-Hendaye was invited at the meeting of the General Council. "We are in a somewhat paradoxical situation where newspapers report that I do not have" launched immediately Emmanuelli before recall the context. "The previous government promised 245 billion investment without a penny in hand. "Where drastic choice." The Bordeaux-Toulouse line will be done before 2030 but that between Bordeaux and Hendaye would be postponed until after 2030. "At least that advocates Mobility 21 commission.

According to the President of the General Council, this commission is such a good idea. "It's the minister to enjoy, not a commission on legitimacy. "The minister, he will see today Tuesday." We have to bat for all that portion between Captieux and Dax is seen in the first installment. It is a trans-European line. The Spaniards are in Irun in 2019 at the latest. Pierre Dufourcq (Granada) asked for a motion. It has been written a few years ago.

  • Solidarity where budgets are?

Emmanuelli questioned publicly about the destination of the money from the national solidarity fund for autonomy. For him, it is clear that all budgets are not allocated to the RSA, the APA and other allowances. For the President of the General Council, the situation can not last unless have a negative impact on the investment budgets of the Departments. The Association of Departments of France is also intervened in this direction from the government.

  • Jobs of the future: 51% of target

The objective of the Landes to 2013, 376 jobs for the future. In early summer, it is filled to 51%. 191 contracts have been signed for 285 bids. 46% were in the district of Dax and 54% of the district of Mont-de-Marsan.

  • Economy: aid and concerns

The company Labeyrie will invest 3.4 million euros in the unity of smoked salmon its Saint-Geours de Maremne. General Council, following a principle that has proved its worth, give him a grant funding 300, 000 euros, without interest, for a period of seven years with a grace period of three years. In the same vein, the company Laspegour Pontonx-sur-Adour (processing and marketing of frozen preparation of vegetables) will benefit from an aid of € 200, 000. Ditto for Aqualande (trout). Roquefort company will invest 4 million in its buildings and equipment will be entitled to assistance of € 300, 000.

The councilors have also expressed their concern about the future of Rol Pin but Solarezo. On the Gascogne, Emmanuelli gave new rather reassuring. Three investment funds prepare a folder to enter the capital.

  • Agriculture: corn and kiwi took water

According Odile Lafitte (Amu), it has fallen since early January between 135 and 180% (by area) of rainfall over a lambda year. Result: only 40% of seedlings were made ​​in Chalosse, 80% better Marsan, Tursan ... Only sandy areas are up to 100% tee. Roughly about 150 000 hectares, between 20, 000 and 30, 000 have not been planted. Some plots are planted under centimeters of water and must be replanted in absolute terms (which seems difficult in a few days of July).


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Book (Forest Service, Dept. of Agriculture Job Corps)

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