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The agricultural educational training in Austria

May 26, 2023 – 05:17 am

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(2009) Haase, Thomas (2009) The agricultural educational training in Austria.
PhD thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies
Tutor: Bruckmüller Serious

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Abstract in German

The Federal Department of the agricultural education has held since 1948 as the only educational institution in Austria training, continuing education and training of teachers and counselors for the agriculture and forestry colleges and agricultural support services. The Agricultural Education Academy was established on 1 October 2007 led to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Education. With this development step, the training has been raised to tertiary level, and a special study program for multipliers in the environment has been created for the first time. The chronology of the history and organization of the relevant historical backgrounds are documented and illustrated by means of "oral history" interviews. In addition, the history of the house is described as "Angermayergasse 1" with regard to the Jewish owners and meta Leopold Blum and their daughter Lucy Mertens.

Tags in German

Federal seminar / agricultural education / training center / training / education / teachers / teachers / counselors / consultants / Agriculture and forestry education / agricultural support services / Agricultural Education Academy / College of Agricultural and Environmental Education / Training / tertiary level / degree program / multipliers / environment created / Organization History

Abstract in English

Since 1948 the federal seminar for the agricultural training system in Vienna that the Austrian education only site for advanced Training and continuing education of teachers and advisers for the agricultural and forest schools as well as the agricultural advisory service. The Agrarian Educational Academy which incorporated into the university college for agrarian and environment education in October 2007. With this step of development the education level which lifted to the tertiary educational level. Over a more special study program was created for multipliers in the environmental area. In this study the chronology of this organization as well as the historically relevant background is Documented and illustrated by "oral history" interviews. Further More the history of the house "Angermayergasse 1" is Described in view of the previous Jewish owners and meta Leopold Blum as well as Their daughter Lucy Mertens.

Tags in English

federal seminar / agricultural training system / Vienna / Austrian / education / site advanced training / continuing education / teachers / advisers for the agricultural and forest schools / agricultural advisory service / Agrarian Academy Educational / university / college / agrarian and environment education level / tertiary / multipliers environmental study area / chronology / organization historically background / is doc

Document: Theses (Dissertation) Author: Haase, Thomas Scope statement: 560 Institution: University of Vienna Publication year: 2009 Language: ger ... German Tutor: Bruckmüller Serious Assessor: Bruckmüller Serious 2 Assessor: Ecker, Alois AC Number: AC08082361


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