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Money in Hand is Very Cool ...

May 15, 2023 – 03:12 am


"Money in hand is great fun" was the name of the first motivational workshop arranged by IDORT - SP , not only for the WINGS youth group, but Also for other youth scholarship holders at Hummingbird. IDORT consultant, Samuel Marques, leads our young people to a better understanding of the value of R $ 1.00 in Their hand.

IDORT is an institution specialized in training and capacitating people from all different levels of society, contributing towards the development and qualification of public and private administration in Brazil these last 75 years. They will be doing a small series of capacity building workshops for our youth During the course of the year, the next being "Leadership and Teamwork."

Isabelli, Jessica and Roberta have one thing in common, a strong desire to learn more each day. Through the WINGS project They will have plenty of opportunities.

Youth in our WINGS group receive a small, monthly scholarship grant to guarantee Their Possibility to Participate 20 hours weekly in the Programme. As we do not want Them to simply waste these funds in an uncontrolled Manner, the objectives with this workshop were to offer Them The Necessary tools to plan and control personal Their economy by stimulating Establishing and AIMS, analyzing income and expenses, and to cultivate long-term thinking towards the formation of patrimony and savings. But this learning will not only give important Them on personal knowledge economy, Also it will be helpful if put into use When planning social projects the future youth leaders in our Prevention Programme.

Content matter included personal cash flow, financial check-up for the family, credit dept and Bank relationships, and the elaboration of a personal project for self use economy and to multiply with others.

The workshop was a four hour affair, with multi-media presentations and group dynamics, where our suitably equipped theater was ideal for the occasion.

Jefferson and Wallison, busy with better planning on How They Should Use Their scholarship grant each month. They will hopefully have learned something about the value of hard-earned money and how to administer Their personal finances, and maybe even multiply this Within Their Own families.

CARF's Scholarship Program is unique and AIMS to preserve the positive development of a safe and healthy environment for at-risk youth, Safeguarding the process of growing up to become responsible and productive citizens. For underprivileged youth community with only minimum basic public education and access to very few formal job opportunities, the scholarship signifies a whole new world of possibilities. Through the partnership Programmes developed in Cooperation with our positive peer group at the Hummingbird Arts & Cultural Activity Centre, we aim to mobilize the young people active agents, Promoting positive transformations in Their Own que of Their life and community.


Cengage Learning Basic Tig and Mig Welding: GTAW and GMAW
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It isn't for everyone and teaching is going to be a tough field to get into right now, but for the critical shortage areas (math, science, special ed) there are loan forgiveness programs so it is a way to start tackling student loan payoffs. You'd also get deferrments while in school to get certified. Many certification programs are fast track and designed for career changers

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  • Avatar Alison P How much should i ask for as a camp counselor at a special needs camp?
    Jan 12, 2013 by Alison P | Posted in Special Education

    The camp is a residential camp for children with special needs in Pennsylvania. I'm applying to this seven week camp as a counselor and the application is asking what my salary expectations are? I have no idea what to put.

    • Hi,

      Well they would accept your salary suggesten IF you choose the right amount. Do you have any qualifications or experience? I worked at a summer camp for special needs children last summer and they only …u sign on as a member of the barn crew. So be fair. Don't rip them off. An average american pay without education is at least $7.50 per hour. Average that out to a week. Good luck with everything! I wish you the best. :)