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August 27, 2013 – 14:01

With these training tips you come to the top!

Education has become the magic word in career questions: Whether you go to college or training have made a training offers you the opportunity to qualify you, and so to make it more interesting for employers. What training is right for you? Do you want to make a further order you to improve your position or to specialize? Or you want to use a development to throw out a view of the professional horizons? What opportunities do you offer a training, how do you use them best and which training could fit you, you can find out here.

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Training: Tips and Information in the magazine

Looking for the right training parallel to the job you want or you already studying or during training, further education? What are the options you can find out the Erdbeerlounge magazine "training".

Weiterbildung bei Arbeitslosigkeit Continuing unemployment Our great training guide goes into the next round. Today, we deal with the "training at work ...

Further education

Use your chance and climb up the career ladder!

Training can help your career a boost. Whether you are viewing you still at the beginning of your career or already standing with both legs in the professional life - if you take the opportunities for training to complete, you can greatly improve your chances of a promotion.

Training can help you to bring your career momentum or accelerate. Any form of further improving your professional skills and thus the chances of a good position. But what exactly does the term "training" at all? Further means that you deepen your skills and your knowledge, or erweiterst auffrischst - and after you were already employed or even parallel to the job. So you train his abilities after having worked in a profession dedicated to the development or just after work. Do you work in addition to the training continues in your activity learned, this is called in-service training.

What types of training are available?

First, there is the possibility to achieve the degree: Many people use this way of continuing to make up for example at a night school her high school, if they have failed these statements in their youth. However, you can also put in parallel with the professional life a distance learning via the Internet - this is also a popular style of training. For example, put a lot of bachelor graduates master's degree from University using a remote. If you choose this route, is dedicated to the continuing education by regularly gets sent materials and the learning of new learning materials from home - so all without having to be present at fixed times teaching at a university must. This type of training is also called self-study. At the end of the training you can then achieve a full university degree.

Courses, workshops and seminars: Take advantage of the possibilities of training!

But these are not all the possibilities that keeps the training: you can also take courses, workshops or seminars prove that your skills or soft skills training. They will help you, for example, to train your appearance at an interview to train your rhetoric or to improve your skills as a team leader. You can with this form of education but also learn foreign languages ​​or brush up your computer skills. Do you have problems with, for example, Excel or leave your PowerPoint presentations to want to do? These skills can be trained using training.


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AAC, education, jobs

The Academy of Art is basically over-priced vocational training, not an accredited institution of higher education. However, they seem to have pretty good placement assistance, and, from talking to some students, instructors who are actually in the industry, and good job placement. It'd be a good bet if you have money to burn and are looking for enrichment, and possibly a few connections. Don't waste your time if you're pursuing "serious" educational goals, or you do not have money to burn. If you don't have a degree yet, or enough experience, I'd try City College, for accredited courses in various media, so you can transfer the credits just about anywhere

Be looking for a better job

Hey, don't be down on yourself because of your undergrad degree. I know several graphic artists making quite decent money - not huge money, but good money.
I think the answer to your issue is to continue to pursue better jobs and consider moonlighting/2 jobs for the short term. You won't always be paying the minimum. It's just a starting place. Have you looked into graphic arts? What about advertising?
My art/education major friend worked 3 part time jobs after she graduated into the early 90s tough job market. It was rough for a while but she continued to pursue teaching jobs and got established by about 2 years

Here is my beef about the education culture.

I live in CT. Most families, except the new import of hispanics, all settled into this area of CT because they worked at machines all day. Now all the factories are gone.
The government invests in education and uses tax dollars to lure high tech companies.
The education investment is wasted on humanities degrees, while the government begs the FED's for more H1B1 visa, so they can attract employees they can actually hire. You cannot hire an uneducated or liberal arts educated son of a factory worker to do high tech. Not gonna happen.
So why don't they invest in jobs and industries that bring jobs for the skill sets we can expect from sons and daughters of factory workers

I wanna quit my job, but nothing lined-up, aarg

I started posting my resume for jobs in other fields a couple of weeks ago. However, being that I don't have any specific degree/focus outside the world of Admin/liberal arts degree, I'm having a really hard time finding any job in other others ( I need something new for a change). I'm really open to about anything and for now, anything in HR, financial planning, market research, but damn near impossible to break into these fields w/o experience or education pertaining to that field.
I'm so bored w/ my job and just wished I could give them a two weeks notice right now and seriously been thinking about doing it

There are no jobs

For anyone with a BA in the arts other than sitting down, doing your art work and getting a dealer. If you want a real job, then go back to school and get your Masters Degree. Again, if it is in the fine arts, about all you can do is get a teaching job or do the poverty thing and create art. A gallery doesn't care if you have a degree or not. They only care if they can sell your work. If you really want a job, then evaulate what you have studied thus far and if there is any job market at all out there. Probably, not. Adjust your field of study based on the job market just to have a steady income

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