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May 3, 2023 – 01:41 am

research and / or mobility

Experiência desenvolvida num laboratório do Depart

If ponders follow an academic career and are interested in doing research and / or invest in mobility, know that there are many institutions that promote research grants and supporting the Mobility.

There are many benefits that can result from a work experience abroad: the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a real work environment, learn and / or improve language skills, learn and acquire new techniques and working methods, developing personal skills ( teamwork, communication, problem solving, autonomy, etc.), to establish and / or cementing partnerships useful for your future career, to know and live in a social, economic and cultural circumstances; acquire an awareness of European citizenship / international. Finally, professional experience abroad can differentiate your CV in the eyes of a recruiter!

See the list of opportunities nationally and internationally that we have prepared for you:

Opportunities at national level
ADI - Portuguese Innovation Agency - Promotes human resources qualification through the program "Support for insertion of Masters and Doctorate in Business" and "PhD Scholarships in Business."

Bank of Portugal - In item dedicated to promoting a Recruitment Scholarship Competition for Visiting researchers intended to PhDs who wish to develop a concrete project research in the Department of Economic Studies.

EURAXESS - This site includes information about opportunities for researchers and allows placement of the CV online.

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian - Assigns scholarships in the following areas: Art, Charity, Science, Education and others.

Youth Foundation - Promotes professional integration through support programs for young artists, scientists, designers and researchers, business creation.

Luso-American Foundation - Promotes PhD Scholarships FLAd / Fulbright Scholarship for Training Actions Abroad, Courses, Internships. Supports the Introduction of International Conferences on Communications, among others.

Fundação Oriente - Provides Scholarships Improvement Artistic, PhD, MSc, Research among others.

Foundation for Science and Technology - promotes scientific research and technological development through national scholarships, projects and scientific research institutions.

Instituto Pedro Nunes - He works in research and technological development, consultancy and specialized services, incubating ideas and companies, specialized training and dissemination of science and technology. Further discloses contests bags.

National Laboratory of Civil Engineering - Scholarships Grants for Scientific Research and disseminates conferences, symposia, seminars and training activities related to this area so you can always be updated.

Youth Portal - Information on technology (courses), leisure, volunteering (actions, projects, laws), associative (support programs for student and youth associations, association leader status) and programs for young people.

Talent Program Inova-Ria - Inova-Ria in partnership with PT Innovation develops an annual program dedicated to award grants for Innovation at the best graduate students from some courses of Portuguese Universities.

International opportunities

Academic Jobs EU - is the leading job portal for academics and researchers in Europe.


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