Ten great quotes from the movie about Steve Jobs and what we teach leadership

May 23, 2023 – 04:29 am

The Economist America - 14:50 - 08/19/2013 SteveJOBS1.jpg A young Steve Jobs knew that would become one of the most influential people in the world. | REUTERS

The script of "jobs", the new movie starring Ashton Kutcher as the visionary and co-founder of Apple, is filled with phrases that reflect your business philosophy and approach life. Forbes magazine lists the ten best lines from the movie and what they can teach us about leadership, creativity, communication and success.

1. "I'm not dismissing the value of higher education, I am simply saying that comes at the expense of experience"

Steve Jobs felt that the experiences of life are critical to being creative. For the co-founder of Apple, absorb the culture, art and history were key. He believed that the adoption of new experiences could help form a product.

Two. "The greatest artists like Dylan, Picasso and Newton risked. And if you want to be big, we have to risk too much"

Do not hesitate to take risks. He once said that people should be willing to fail, because those who fear hitting the wall should rest assured that will not get very far. Indeed, this is what separates successful people from the people who are dedicated to dream.

Three. "How can anyone know what you want, if not even seen it?"

The visionary believed in building great products that wish to use it himself. On the approach to competition, Jobs did not ask how to do things better than its rivals, but how to make them different.

April. "Everything revolves around you and you call life is made ​​up of people less intelligent, you can change, influence, building things that others can use"

At Ashton Kutcher likes this quote so much that he used in a brief speech at a recent awards ceremony, explaining that it is one of the most profound things he learned while preparing for the role of Steve Jobs. The quote itself comes to summarize a customized maximum in one sentence: "Do not live a life, build a".

May. "Pre fierce bet in our view rather than making a more"

Apple co-founder was convinced that dreaming big was the right path. In the 1970s, personal computers were relegated to the amateur market. Jobs had the vision to "put the computer in the hands of ordinary people." Never underestimate the power of a bold vision to advance your career.

June. "We have to do the little things unforgettable"

Few people are obsessed with details. Jobs requiring, for example, suppliers of manufacturing charge iPhones boxes comply with a number of details specified by him. too many people and companies overlook the details and the customer experience with the brand inevitably altered. yeah Details matter.

July. "This is for the insane. The misfits. Rebels. Rioters. Ones who see things differently ... those things change. Those who push the human race forward. And while some may see them as crazy , we see genius "

Jobs once said that what made it great to Macintosh was the fact that people who chose to work in the system were "musicians, poets, artists, zoologists and historians, who became computer". It is a profound vision that speaks of building creative teams. Today it is common that many companies overlook creative individuals. Jobs not only thought differently, but different hired. He saw the genius in diversity.

August. "You have to have a problem you want to solve"

The leader remembered always explained the problem that your product could solve. The introduction of the iTunes Music Store in 2003 is perhaps the best example of this approach. The aim was that the public understand that the idea presented was able to solve a particular problem.

Source: www.eleconomistaamerica.com

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