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May 19, 2023 – 03:27 am

Auslandsaufenthalt in Kanada: Work and Travel, Farmarbeit, Freiwilligenarbeit Canada is covered in large part with rough woods and houses a pristine natural landscape with a unique flora and fauna. The Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes, such as the Lake Ontario brown bears and Arctic wolves are just some of many examples of the breathtaking nature of the second largest country in the world. During a stay abroad in Canada, the nature lover can go exploring, and open up the land for themselves. However, various forms of work and travel abroad as, volunteering or au pair to give you the opportunity not only to enjoy the scenery of Canada, but also the multicultural Canada meet with its modern cities such as Vancouver and Toronto.


Discover with Work and Travel Canada

To experience as much of the vastness of the country during a stay abroad in Canada, offers especially to work and travel. Here you travel through Canada and funded his stay by jobs that we assume in the countryside or in the cities of the south. So you can work during the summer months as harvest workers or help out during the winter months, the ski resorts in the mountains, for example. But also activities in the hospitality and tourism are of backpackers (ie young people who work and travel have) taken.

Travel in Canada

Due to the size of the country it is recommended to first create an itinerary. In addition, you can consider you if it makes sense to travel by car, train or whether a connection is available. Even a domestic flight is sometimes the best solution for very long distances.

For Work and Travel in Canada you need the working holiday visa to up to 12 months living in Canada and be able to work simultaneously.

More information

More information about Work and Travel and Working Holiday Visa you get here:

>> Work and Travel

Volunteering in Canada

To maintain the original natural landscapes in Canada, many helping hands are essential. Therefore, volunteering is offered in many national parks and other environmental projects, through which you can get involved. If you desire to do something good while abroad in Canada, you can take care of wildlife or plant trees to promote reforestation as you. But also in the educational sector can operate and help in camps for environmental education of children.

Abroad Canada: A rewarding experience

Your commitment to environmental protection is certainly not a pleasure vacation, because sometimes you have to tackle hard and make yourself dirty, but you will take some experience and get the good feeling of having done something for the preservation of Canadian nature. In addition, you will learn a lot of people from different cultures and improve your English skills.

More information

For more information about volunteering you get here:

>> Volunteering

Farm work in Canada

An activity that is often taken during work and travel in Canada, but offered in part as volunteer work, farm work. Here, you live for a time on a farm or ranch and help with the harvest of grain, vegetables or fruit. Example, "Fruit Picker" or "Flower Picker" repeatedly sought during the harvest season. Activities but also about WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) on organic farms can be found in Canada, if you want to use you for Sustainable Agriculture. But if you rather want to work with animals, farm can help out by looking ausmistest barns, cows and feeding animals melkst you on a sheep farm or cattle.

Source: www.auslandsaufenthalt.org

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Grad School versus Job versus experience

Just looking for a little advice. I currently live outside Washington D.C. I have a degree in Conservation Education from a state University. I have been accepted into a program called Teach In Virginia which basically means I can work for a few years teaching while I get my VA teaching credential.
Ok here's the question. I hate Virginia and really want to move to the South West. I do NOT qualify to Teach in California (no CBEST or CSET). I can go out there and try and get a different type of job (waitressing, environmental, retail, etc) and then go get my teaching credential or stay here and make 37,000 a year and save money for a few years

Well be clear in what you ask for.

There is something to hypotheticals that rings hollow, like you think you can lead others around by the nose. Just try being more direct. What is your view?
Here in California things have gotten much worse under Bush. Lost jobs, increased pollution, increased environmental destruction, increased crime, cuts in education and a sluggish economy.

More old info, but who knows!

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A new curriculum for public schools across the United States will soon make it mandatory for at least 70 percent of all assigned books to be works of non-fiction, eliminating classic works that have influenced great thinkers for centuries.
By 2014, schools in 46 out of 50 states will have adopted this new curriculum, which favors “informational texts” approved by the Common Core State Standards to prepare students for the workplace.
Suggested books included works by the Environmental Protection Agency, like the Recommended Levels of Insulation, as well as the Invasive Plant Inventory by California’s Invasive Plant Council

Green v. Independent

The Greens 10 key values:
The Ten Key Values of the Greens
Social Justice
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Located in a rural northern part of the state, the county has fewer than 5,000 citizens, vast tracts of open land, and an unemployment rate nearly twice the national average.

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