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May 21, 2023 – 04:20 am

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Ranger training

Written by dudus

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Written by: dudus 10-07 at 5:52

Looking for information on how to become a ranger in Quebec?
What courses should I take? Is there any training "during the night?"
Thank you in advance for all your answers


Written by: jamaica 10-07 at 8:01

Here are some search engines spécialiséq in wood and forestry.


Written by: O'Hana 10-07 at 11:53
Hi Dudus,

There are training to become an agent of wildlife. Here is a description:

Agent or officer of wildlife protection services whose job is to ensure the implementation and compliance with laws and regulations for the protection of wildlife and its habitat, the protection of parks, protection of ecological reserves and the protection of the environment through prevention, education and using patrols and inspections from users (hunters, fishermen, etc..) to detect irregularities in the absence of permits, the nature and quantity of fish or parts of game and to assess the legality of the methods used to capture them.

The training is required DEP (vocational diploma - equivalent to a CAP / Bac Pro France) protection and exploitation of wildlife areas and have a driver's license of the appropriate class SAAQ.
A DEP gives a CFP (Vocational Training Centre) and one in particular provides:
- CFP Harricana and School of Forestry (Abitibi)
- CF Mountains and Tides (Bas St-Laurent)
- School Duchesnay Forestry (National Capital)
- CFP Mt-Laurier (Laurentides)
- School Forest La Tuque (Mauricie)
- CFP La Baie (Saguenay)

The majority of DEP offer evening classes or alternately.

Otherwise, Ottawa (Ontario so), there is a certificate in forestry work offered to the Collegiate City of Ottawa.


Written by: Soliléo 10-07 at 12:09

For O'hana

Do you know if a BTA France (Patent Agricultural Technician) (bac pro level) is (or can be) the equivalent of a DEP for forestry or wildlife protection (ranger or more in France)?
If not, or can we renseiger for more info?

It interested me greatly.


Written by: O'Hana 10-07 at 12:14

Hi Soliléo,

The strict level of equivalence, a BTA seems to the equivalent of DEP and even a technical college level in December.

Now I need to know what exactly your BTA (post a message or refer me info if you find it more appropriate website) to see if it can really "stick". Because Agricultural Technician in the reading that I do, it makes me think more in December and farm management, which is quite far from the ranger even if both are in contact with nature ...


Written by: Soliléo 10-07 at 12:39

Indeed, the BTA I, is related to the management and operation of agricultural enterprise. (Mainly livestock).
The question I ask myself is precisely that which is equivalent to Quebec, and most importantly, what additional training would be required to work in logging, and especially, as we say in France in the custody of the forest (I do not know what the term in Quebec for "Ranger").

Source: www.immigrer.com

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