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May 22, 2023 – 04:24 am

What are Ökoferienjobs?

Working in the rain forest of Costa Rica Ökoferienjobs are summer jobs or internships with an ecological and sustainable background. The spectrum of the "classical" Helping ranges on an organic farm on the care of turtle nesting sites in Greece to internships in ecovillages trying an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable - that is sustainable - practically implement lifestyle. Also part of the economy maintained "green jobs", or "Ökojobs" more and more important. It is expected that in the near future there will be new jobs in environmental fields. Therefore, it is useful now to acquire skills in these areas already. To make a Ökoferienjob is certainly a step in that direction!

Our website offers a networking opportunity of companies and initiatives in the "Green Job" area and young people who want to get involved here. The tenders will be scrutinized by us every spring and updated. But it is also worthwhile to drop by more often, we continually research new jobs and put them online for you!

In addition, the site provides an extensive search function, many useful Additional information about the application as well as to the legal situation, and not least the opportunity to post their own experiences and photos.

Much experience for little money

On our website is the rule: as marked Offers Internships are paid, summer jobs and Volotariate have no pay, but as often provide food and lodging or a little pocket money.

Offers from abroad, where you sometimes have to pay something in order to "join" may, for completeness we have also included, and leave the decision as to whether such a placement despite cost is interesting to our users.
Usually these organizations provide interns in return exciting activities and intensive care. Often it is so, such as in America, that internships are seen as training - and there is, of course, the training costs something. Furthermore, the money of helpers is mostly used to support the project.

Are then Ökoferienjobs exploitation?

We are so confident that you will receive a non-material value in exchange for your work, eg in the form of experiences and insights. From this perspective - and that is the core of our thinking - there is also work for other than cash equivalents. Especially in a society that tends to convert everything into monetary values, to make it as manageable and available for the market, we keep ideational aspects are very important. The feedback we receive, confirm our view.

Nevertheless, should not degenerate into a tough job, a summer job! 5-6 hours use per day and 1-2 days off a week should be the rule with free board and lodging as on a farm. In any case, talk with the / m provider know in advance and to clarify whether the Ökoferienjob offer meets your personal expectations, even if there should be no wages!


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