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Glencoe Tanning

In this day and age, people are smarter about tanning.  Plus, they are well-aware that many of the artificial tanning products on the market, give them that unnatural, orange color that screams “Fake Bake!”  If you want that gorgeous natural-looking tan, but don’t have the time and don’t want to run the risk of damaging your skin, Almost In Florida Tanning and Resort Wear is your answer!  We are widely recognized as the finest tanning salon serving customers throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area!  For close to 20 years, we have been the destination tanning salon for persons in Chicagoland.  Without a doubt, Almost In Florida has the most remarkable tanning processes and spray tanning booths in the industry!  Furthermore, we are recognized as having the largest indoor spray tanning booths.  With “Mystic Tan” and “VersaPro Heated Sunless Spa Series,” our loyal customers are able to achieve the bronze-glow they want, at a price they can afford in our state-of-the-art spray tanning booths.  Additionally, customers know they can always count on our staff to deliver the unique and customized personal tanning experience they want.  As a well-respected, family-owned and operated tanning business, Almost In Florida is a member of the American Suntanning Association and is certified by Smart Tan Master.  It is no mystery why so many Glencoe residents prefer our tanning salon to the competition!


Glencoe Tanning Booth

Glencoe, Illinois is in Cook County and has nearly 9,000 residents living there.  Highwood, the home of Almost In Florida, is conveniently located only 5.4 miles northwest of Glencoe.  Naturally, Glencoe customers are inclined to bring all of their tanning needs to us!   We are celebrated as delivering that sought-after, healthy-looking tan to all of our Glencoe clients.   Further, we offer Glencoe customers lasting tanning options, including a choice of four color levels and four treatment choices.  Regardless, if Glencoe customers are seeking a “Mystic Tan” tanning option or the revolutionary “VersaPro Heated Sunless Spa Series” choice, Almost In Florida will tailor their spray tanning process to accommodate their preferences, in addition to offering them the chance to augment their color with additional applications in our tanning salon.  Known for delivering the most authentic-looking results in spray tanning, “VersaPro” is undoubtedly the popular choice for many Almost In Florida’s Glencoe customers.


“VersaPro” features include:

  • Consistent spray application to deliver a flawless tan every time;
  • Heated Sunless System treats consumers with a comfortable, spa-like experience;
  • Height Sensor Technology confirms full coverage for all body types;
  • Built-in instructions steer consumers through the sunless tanning experience;
  • Upgrading available for second applications or color enhancements to legs or other body areas;
  • Limitless customization options ranging from a light tint to a deeper, richer bronze, meeting the needs of all skin types and desired results.

For the most reliable and affordable tanning salon experience, call Almost In Florida, today, at: (847) 266-8624.

Glencoe Tanning | Glencoe Tanning Booth | Glencoe Tanning Salon | Glencoe Spray Tanning | Glencoe Spray Tanning Body | Glencoe Spray Tanning Salon