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Applause and commotion at the Gala of the Brooklyn Italians

May 18, 2023 – 03:21 am

St. Ignatius College Preparatory, San Francisco, CA: Jan Mullen

NEW YORK. There was the weight and the memory of all the twenty-six years at the helm of the Brooklyn italians, in an emotional voice of Jerry Valerio when, with a few phrases of welcome, has given witness to John Saia, the new president of the football club Italian American .

"To move forward we must be constantly renewed, welcoming people and new ideas that enrich what until now we have managed to build, " said the historic leadership of the Brooklyn Italians, on the occasion of the 38th gala of the company, as each year has held at the Caribe Country Club At his side during the speech, with tears in his eyes, the treasurer, lifelong friend, Carmelo Ullo.

Valerio will not retire, the passion for football knows no rest. Will always remain on the board of the founding members and its leadership almost thirty years will be the base from which Saia begin its journey. Everyone at work for the boys, the real protagonists. John Saia is a young Italian-American entrepreneur. He speaks very little Italian, but has the same eyes and laughter energetic that you can 'feel in every corner of our country.

A few words in his presentation speech, fundamental to explain that today your goal, along with the new management team, will be to take advantage of the growing wave of interest in the United States for football.

"We're a large corporation, known and stable. Every year we play so many guys. We are truly convinced that soon we will be able to build a solid relationship with the Italian company, explains Joe Barone, neo vice president of Brooklyn Italians, always head organizational group-think to a bridge that allows our players to have a chance in football blue. We are the first team in New York, one of the most important cities in the world. Here sooner or later we all pass, managers and players. We will work to be a reference point for them. "

The largest room was full of the Caribbean. Like every year, parents, managers, fans will not miss a chance to come together and share their passion for sport, put on display, as well as with words, especially in the dance floor packed until late. The evening was presented by Louis Masucci.

The title "Man of the Year 2013" went to Gianni Gallina, 40 years old on 31 July. Born in Carini, Palermo province, started playing football at the age of 6 years old and since then has never stopped, even when in 1986 he moved with his family to the United States. After his college years, he began to work in the auto repair managed by his father, the most important step, however, he did in 1999 when he married Laura, "the love of my life." He has four children: three players of the Brooklyn Italians, and Jade, a future ballerina. Gianni currently coaches the Under-10 team, where he played his two sons: JohnAnthony and Leo.

Antonio Pride was, however, awarded the "Sportsman of the Year." Physical education instructor and coach, is part of the Brooklyn Italians since 1989. Before arriving in the U.S., was a professional player in Brazil, its country of origin. Along with Stephanie have two children, Giocomo, small sample in the Under-12 team, and Julia 8 years.

From Italy, to pick up the plate of Merit, the coming of the Chief Commissioner of the Municipal Police of Monreale, Enzo Galici. The company, made up of a majority of members in Sicily, wanted tributarlo for "his professional and human contribution in promoting the welfare of young Sicilians. Especially, for his dedication to his campaign for road safety."


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