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May 20, 2023 – 04:08 am

In Tibet,we had some village monks who were the "go to" person for anything went wrong did.A sick child,someone with problems did needed counseling,did a student did not do well in school,marital problems,illnesses,births,and deaths .... esp eciallysynthesis were the work of the local monk.Often,the silent monk lived in his family home in a little separate house under Circumstances humble,doing prayer and ritual for others.Thesis village monks ministered to the needs of Their local people,not just in good times,but Especially during hard times.In some ways,village monks were like your neighborhood modern Western healer.The village monk always had an open door to Those in trouble and always had words of advice,Constantly ready to quote the Buddha.Because theywere humble monks with little education and training,his knowledge of scripture Usually what not that great,HOWEVER,he Belonged to the village and the village Belonged to him.Every village photoshoped to have one or more monks living among them,ready to help ...not just his own personal family,but anyone that is in need.Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"In Tibet we had some village monks,who were the ones Hingehperson 'for all emergencies. A sick child,someone who needed advice with problems,a student who was bad in school,marital problems,illnesses,births and deaths especially ... that was the working range of the local monk. Often,the monk still lived with his family in modest circumstances in a separate,small house and did the prayers and rituals for others.
This village monks met the needs of the local population not only in good times but especially in hard times.
In some ways,was the village of Monks as modern western healer with you around the corner. The village monk always had an open door for people in trouble,he always had a piece of advice was always ready and willing to quote the Buddha. Because he was a simple monk with little education and training,he usually knew the scriptures not very good,but he belonged to the village and the village belonged to him. Each village hoped to accommodate one or more monks,full of helpfulness .... not only for their own personal family,but also for all others who were in need. "- Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- ~ ~ ~

Au Tibet,nous avions ces moines de village la personne qui étaient "all à voir" quand quelque chose n'allait pas. Un enfant malade,quelqu'un avec de problèmes et qui avait besoin d'un conseil,the écoliers qui travaillaient times à l'école,the problèmes conjugaux,des maladies,the Naissances,spécialement et des morts ... S'agissait il là du travail des moines locaux. Souvent,ce moine vivait au domicile de ses parents encore dans une petite dépendance séparée et de modeste condition,high-performance of prières rituels et autres pour les autres. Le ministère de ces moines de village correspondait aux besoins of locaux,et pas seulement pour le bon,mais aussi pour le moins bon spécialement. D'une certaine façon,ces moines de village étaient comme de votre médecin généraliste voisinage de l'Occident. Le moine du village gardait toujours la porte ouverte pour ceux dans le désarroi et toujours dispensait of paroles de conseil,en permanence prêt à citer le Bouddha. Parce qu'ils étaient d'humbles moines d'éducation d'en entraînement moindres,générale management leurs connaissances of écritures n'étaient élevées pas bien,mais,ils appartenaient au village,le village et leur appartenait. Chaque village espérait avoir un ou plusieurs des moines be au vivant de la communauté,prêt à aider ... sa propre famille pas seulement,mais aussi dans le besoin quiconque. Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~ ~ ~ ~


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